The NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas - NMS|FCM is Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA) medical school since 1977. With 1.676 undergraduate students (30% of whom in international mobility programs), NMS|FCM has 356 postgraduate students and 414 professors and researchers (30% of whom with a PhD degree).

At the NMS|FCM the clinical teaching takes place in various health institutions (public and private) partnered with the medical school. Furthermore, NMS|FCM is at the forefront of medical education, offering MSc and PhD degrees in Medicine and Biomedicine in different health areas.

NMS|FCM has a significant number of groups of excellence in biomedicine, translational research, clinical research, and epidemiology and services. The new Research Pole in Campus de SantAna gave an important contribution to the development of the School’s research, in close collaboration with the CEDOC and the ToxOmics (Toxicogenomics Centre and Human Health).