IPO Lisboa

The Instituto Português de Oncologia Francisco Gentil - IPOLFG, created in 1923, is a multidisciplinary cancer center for research, education, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. "The patient first" translates a guiding culture of personalized care supported by interdisciplinary communication, allowing integrated experience and differentiation in oncology.

Comprehensive treatment plans, that include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, are designed to provide the highest level of care.
The material from surgical and biopsy specimens are stored in the archives of the Pathology Department and in the Tumour Bank, in network with the National Tumour Bank, providing researchers with a panel of tissues and data.

Translational biomedical research in Oncology, involving multidisciplinary teams and focusing in the areas of familial cancer risk, cancer genetics, epigenetics, microenvironment, and therapeutic modulation is developed in the Molecular Pathobiology Research Unit of IPOLFG.
The experience of the research teams from IPOLFG in genetics, cell and molecular biology, animal manipulation, and clinical trials, sustained on modern research infrastructures and equipment, supports the progress of the research projects and clinical trials.

IPOLFG is a founding partner of the R&D Unit iNOVA4Health - Programme in Translational Medicine aiming for excellence in basic, developmental, preclinical & clinical research, through international cooperation.