Research within iNOVA4Health featured in the newspaper PÚBLICO


The OrangeCTherapy project is being conducted in a close partnership between IPO and iBET and arose from the idea of recovering natural compounds with anti-tumor action from fruit and vegetable surpluses and residues using clean and sustainable processes. In this case the compounds are extracted from the orange peal and watercress and their bioactivity has been evaluated using in vitro studies that have revealed their potential anti-tumor action in the proliferation of human colorectal cancer cells. This is one of a number of projects in which the two institutions have been partnering towards developing new cancer therapies.


OrangeCTherapy - Evaluation of the chemotherapeutic effect of citrus bioactive compounds on human colorectal cancer, focusing on their capacity to target cancer stem cells (CSCs).


@iBET - Ana Teresa Serra, Carolina Pereira, Catarina Brito, Rosário Bronze
@IPOLFG: Cristina Albuquerque, Marlene Duarte, Patricia Silva, Paula Chaves

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