Publication on cancer cell models highlighted in EATRIS 2020 Annual Report


The collaborative publication "Patient-derived ovarian cancer explants: preserved viability and histopathological features in long-term agitation-based cultures" was highlighted on EATRIS 2020 Annual Report.

This work is the product of a successful collaboration between iBET, AbbVie and IPOLisboa and describes the development of a long-term ovarian carcinoma patient-derived explant (OvC-PDE) retaining architecture and cell type heterogeneity of the original tumour. These explants have potential applications in the study of drug response and resistance mechanisms and in the development of innovative precision medicine approaches.

Congratulations to the authors Sofia Abreu, Fernanda Silva, Rita Mendes, Teresa F. Mendes, Marta Teixeira, Vítor Espírito Santo, Erwin Boghaert, Ana Felix and Catarina Brito. 

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