iNOVA4Health is offering 8 Doctoral Research Grants, in the field of Translational Medicine, financed by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT).

Applications and supporting documents must be submitted, mandatorily, by email to with the reference BD4462/2022 in the subject line. Deadline for applications: 19th March 2022

The research activities will take place at iNOVA4Health - the host institution for the grantees - but might also include collaborations with other research institutions. All work plans must include a human research component or demonstrate a clear translational medicine component of the project and must be developed within the scope of the Doctoral Program in Health Sciences (NMS|FCM - NOVA).

Below is a description of the three thematic lines and associated researchers available to guide PhD students.

- TL1 – Neuro-Vision disorders – Theme: Aging micro-environments: translational platforms for drug discovery.

Supervisors: Miguel Seabra, Paulo Pereira, Gabriela Silva, Sandra Tenreiro, Cláudia Almeida, Rosalina Fonseca, Hugo Miranda, Miguel Viana Baptista, Rita Teodoro, Cláudia Nunes Santos, José Alves, César Mendes, João Ferreira.

- TL2 – Cardio-Nephro-Metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders - Theme: Mechanisms of disease and phenotyping of human cohorts.

Supervisors: Emilia Monteiro, José Belo, Otília Vieira, Paula Macedo, João Raposo, Silvia Conde, Sofia Pereira, Judit Morello, Helena Pité, Paulo Vera-Cruz, Susana Lopes, Helena Soares, Fernando Pimentel, Anibal Ferreira, Fernando Nolasco.

- TL3 – Cancer - Themes: Pathways to aggressiveness: from membrane trafficking regulation & cytoskeleton dynamics subversion to microenvironment-driven resistance and Familial Cancer Risk - uncovering new susceptibility genes & carcinogenic pathways.

Supervisors: Branca Cavaco, Marta Pojo, Jacinta Serpa, Rune Matthiesen, Catarina Homem, Alisson Gontijo, Duarte Barral, António Jacinto, Ana Félix.

More info on the guidelines and eligibility for this application process in the NOVA Medical School website (PT) or in the Euraxess Portal (ENG).