Seminar Immunology & Cancer

IPOLFG welcomes you to join the iNOVA4Health Symposium on Immunology & Cancer on April 28th, 2017 at the institute’s auditorium.
European experts on immunology & cancer were invited for the plenary talks while in-house speakers were selected from ongoing iNOVA4Health projects to present their last results and findings on this thematic.

Please don't forget to register at link.

Subscription covers: coffee breaks, lunch (local canteen), and certificate of attendance (upon request).
Certain of your interest and participation,
Our best regards.
The organizing committee:
Ana T. Pinto
Branca Cavaco
Carla Pereira
Catarina Santos Fonseca
Inês Pires da Silva
Isadora Rosa
Marta Pojo
Paula Chaves
Teresa Larcher