SEMINAR: “Cardiovascular Research at Bayer” - Dr. Andreas Wilmen


Bayer is the only global company simultaneously researching improvements in human, animal and plant health. Systematic and intensive collaboration among researchers beyond their original specialization is providing new impetus. The division Pharmaceuticals focuses on indications with high medical need in the areas of cardiovascular disease, oncology, gynecology, ophthalmology and hematology. A short overview of the Bayer Group Structure and the drug discovery activities with focus on Cardiovascular Research will be presented. A bench-to-bed-side story describing the finding as well as preclinical data from an anti-FXIa antibody project will complete the presentation.


Short CV:

•Study of Biology at University of Gießen
•Post Doc Clinical Research Group, University of Marburg; Department for Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology (working on NIDDM)
•Post Doc UPenn, Philadelphia, USA, Institute for Human Gene Therapy (working on IDDM)
•Starting at Bayer in 1999, Central Research, Leverkusen Set up of Proteomics 2D HTS Gel electrophoresis systems for the identification of new targets in the field of Cardiology 2000 – 2006 Cardiovascular Research (Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis, Hematology) 2006 – 2009 Target Discovery (Identification & validation of “new” targets in the field of CV) Since 2009 – Biologics: working on CV targets in order to characterize biologics (e.g. neutralizing antibodies) in in vitro test systems