iNOVA4Health 1st Annual Meeting

In this first annual meeting it already becomes clear that the participant teams are not doing “more of the same”, as so often happens in new programmes. The 23 projects that are going to be discussed during the Annual Meeting have all required bridges to be established amongst teams of the three different competences – the Research Groups – basic biological understanding of diseases, developmental/technological and clinical.



8.30 Registration

9.15 Welcome session | Manuel Carrondo, Coordenador da Unidade de Investigação iNOVA4Health, António Rendas, Reitor da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Manuel Heitor, Ministro da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, Adalberto Campos Fernandes, Ministro da Saúde

9.45 Projects’ Progress Presentation: Part I | Chair: Jaime Branco

  • Novel noninvasive markers of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease progression and newly therapeutic approaches. PI’s: Paula Macedo (CEDOC, RG11); Ana Matias (iBET, RG5)
  • OrangeCTherapy: Chemotherapeutic effect of Citrus bioactive compounds - evaluation for targeting human colorectal cancer stem cells. PI’s: Teresa Serra (iBET, RG5); Paula Chaves (IPOLFG, RG16)
  • Generation of genetically-modified hiPSC cell lines for the development of a new transcriptional program sensor system for diagnoses and therapeutics. PI’s: José Ramalho (CEDOC, RG9); Alisson Gontijo (CEDOC, RG8); Patrícia Gomes-Alves (iBET/ ITQB NOVA, RG4)
  • Ovarian cancer a suitable model to define metabolic profile as a tool to predict chemoresistance. PI’s: Jacinta Serpa (IPOLFG/ CEDOC, RG17); Vítor Espírito Santo (iBET, RG3); Ana Félix (IPOLFG/ CEDOC, RG17)
  • CardioRegen: Integrative studies in cardiogenesis: from the embryo to scalable multipronged generation of hESC-derived myocardial cells for heart tissue repair. PI’s: José Belo (CEDOC, RG15); Paula Alves (iBET/ ITQB NOVA, RG3)
  • Molecular mechanisms of cell migration and invasion: developing a new strategy to impair tumor progression. PI’s: Duarte Barral (CEDOC, RG9); Cristina Casalou (CEDOC, RG9); Jacinta Serpa (IPOLFG/ CEDOC, RG17); Ana Félix (IPOLFG/ CEDOC, RG17)
  • Biomarkers for Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD biomarkers). PI’s: Mónica Rosa (CEDOC, RG15); Susana Lopes (CEDOC, RG15); Fernando Nolasco (CEDOC, RG18)
  • The role of cholesteryl hemiesters in the etiology, development and instability of atheromata. PI’s: Otília Vieira (CEDOC, RG10); José Alves (CEDOC, RG14); Winchil Vaz (CEDOC, RG10); Miguel Viana Baptista (CEDOC, RG12)

10.50 Brief Q&A for Part I projects

11.10 Coffee-break

11.30 Projects’ Progress Presentation: Part II | Chair: José Caldas de Almeida

  • Development of a non-invasive method to measure blood glucose through the skin without need of calibration. PI’s: Abel Oliva (ITQB NOVA, RG4); Paula Macedo (CEDOC, RG11)
  • The importance of haptoglobin/hemopexin axis in the pathogenesis of Axial Spondyloarthritis. PI’s: Raffaella Gozzelino (CEDOC, RG7); Fernando Pimentel-Santos (CEDOC, RG14); Jaime Branco (CEDOC, RG14)
  • T2C – Development of a novel delivery system (DS) to Target metastatic colorectal Cancer (mCRC). PI’s: Cristina Albuquerque (IPOLFG, RG16); Catarina Duarte (iBET, RG5)
  • Characterization of anti-HDL (aHDL) antibodies: identification of their biologic activity and clinical relevance. PI's: José Alves (CEDOC, RG14); Maria Arménia Carrondo (ITQB NOVA, RG1)
  • Remote ischemic per-conditioning in acute stroke – clinical trial for improving outcome and disclosing novel circulating biomarkers. PI’s: Helena Vieira (CEDOC, RG6); Miguel Viana Baptista (CEDOC, RG12)
  • SynDia: Synucleins – the link between Parkinson and Diabetic Retinopathy? PI’s: Sandra Tenreiro (CEDOC, RG11); Gabriela Silva (CEDOC, R15); Cláudia Santos (iBET/ ITQB NOVA, RG6)
  • Rewired T Cells: New therapeutic opportunities for Rheumatoid Arthritis. PI’s: Helena Soares (CEDOC, RG7); Jaime Branco (CEDOC, RG14)
  • Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics for Breast Cancer targeting Notch1 ligands Delta-like-1 and Jagged2. PI’s: Ana Barbas (iBET, RG1); Sofia Braga (CEDOC, RG8)

12.35 Brief Q&A for Part II projects

12.50 Buffet Lunch & Poster Session

15.00 Projects’ Progress Presentation: Part III | Chair: Paula Chaves

  • Molecular profiling and novel targeted therapies in thyroid and colorectal cancers. PI’s: Branca Cavaco (IPOLFG, RG16); Teresa Serra (iBET, RG5)
  • Depicting Barrett’s esophagus biopathogenesis and its malignant progression in three-dimensional in vitro models. PI’s: Paula Chaves (IPOLFG, RG16); Manuel Carrondo (iBET, RG2)
  • Colorectal Carcinogenesis Pathways - Establishing a link between carcinogenesis & therapeutic response. PI’s: Isadora Rosa (IPOLFG, RG16); Catarina Brito (iBET/ ITQB NOVA, RG3)
  • (per)Sulfidomics: benchmarking mechanisms underlying drug toxicity and drug resistance in precision medicine. PI’s: João Vicente (ITQB NOVA, RG1); Jacinta Serpa (IPOLFG/ CEDOC, RG17); Sofia Pereira (CEDOC, RG10)
  • MioSpA: the role of the muscle in Spondyloarthritis, a new paradigm. PI’s: Fernando Pimentel-Santos (CEDOC, RG14); Júlia Costa (ITQB NOVA, RG4)
  • Searching for positive markers in triple negative breast cancer. PI’s: Sofia Braga (CEDOC, RG8); António Jacinto (CEDOC, RG8); Sofia Rebelo (iBET/ ITQB NOVA, RG3)
  • The effect of dual HER2 blockade on anti-tumor immune cells. PI’s: Inês Pires Silva (IPOLFG, RG16); Catarina Brito (iBET/ ITQB NOVA, RG3)

16.00 Brief Q&A for Part II projects

16.15 Coffee break

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16.50 Thematic Line 1: Chronic Disease and Healthy Ageing (CeaseAge) overview – António Jacinto

17.00 Thematic Line 2: Translating Research to Advanced Therapies (TReAT) overview – Paula Alves

17.10 Outlining Relevant Background Issues

Intellectual property rights/ Internationalization Manuel Carrondo

Ethics, patients’ consent, “therapeutics misconception”João Oliveira

NOVA-CRU (Clinical Research Unit)Nélia Gouveia

17.40 General Discussion

How are we doing? What needs improving?

Schedule next meeting (format changes)?

18.40 Voted Rank of Project Presentations

19.00 End of Meeting

19.30 Dinner: Restaurant A Valenciana


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