The Chronic Diseases Research Centre - CEDOC lies at the heart of the NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NMS|FCM) bringing together biomedical, translational and clinical research under a collaborative spirit.

CEDOC is responsible for coordinating most of the research activities of the academic and clinical teams within NMS|FCM and its teaching/researching hospital units. CEDOC hosts 30 groups and 200 researchers (Academics & Clinicians) devoted to understanding a variety of chronic pathologies, from diabetes to rare auto-immune diseases. CEDOC provides research infrastructures and state-of-the-art facilities such as Animal, Bioimaging and Cell Culture. Moreover, scientific and clinical services are available for researchers, clinicians and patients, providing support to Clinical Research Projects, from planning to setting up clinical trials.

Within iNOVA4Health, bringing in most of the medical basic research represents the biggest CEDOC contribution. CEDOC also brings expertise in clinical research and trials competences through its Clinical Research Unit, NOVA-CRU. In the same scope, CEDOC leads the Portuguese hub of the ECRIN/ERIC (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network/Consortium, ESFRI roadmap) – PtCRIN, a national consortium that takes advantage of the international environment to improve the capacitation of clinical research centers and clinical trials units.